Oroton store by Universal design studio, Sydney – Australia

July 25th, 2014 by retail design blog

Oroton – Australia’s premier luxury brand is pleased to announce it has unveiled a new flagship retail store design. This latest installation, located in Sydney’s iconic Queen Victoria Building, will be the first among many that promises an exciting new brand experience for Oroton customers worldwide. The new store concept was brought to life from collaboration between leading London-based creative consultancy Universal Design Studio and Oroton’s Creative Director Ana Maria Escobar. “The new space visualises our strategy to continually elevate the brand. It captures our heritage, our place of origin and celebrates our 75 year old history. By bringing together a number of disciplines – Architecture, Interior and Industrial design. We have created a space that is unique and true to our brand.” – Ana Maria Escobar.

The conceptual palette for the project is a considered selection of graduating fresh neutrals and ceramic hues inspired by the warmth of Australian rural landscapes; the soft halo of natural light; and refined architectural details. Raw, heavy and unfinished materials integrate at a low level, while processed; fine and polished materials frame the high level. The features are divided by an invisible datum line accentuating the horizontal vistas reflective of the Australian landscapes.

By exposing materials in finessed, processed and natural states, a layered environment is created. The concrete plinths feature a craggy front and marble-smooth top and sit at the base of the clay-like textured walls and smooth steel shelves. Asymmetrical plinths break the smooth lines of the perimeter of the store and emphasise again the rich Australian landscape abundance in different textures and habitats.Natural light is an accentuating feature of the design with reflection and the layering of light and shadow being apparent throughout.

The perforated brass screens at the entrance diffuse the outside light and the fitting rooms are backlit with sheer fabric bringing a repose feeling to the store. The store also boasts a concealed transaction area and wireless technology which allows the customer to interact with our global flagship store with the assistance of the Oroton sales professionals.

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