Coating for KaDeWe by VeroMetal, Berlin – Germany

August 1st, 2014 by retail design blog

A VeroMetal® coating company recently carried out an innovative project for the renowned KaDeWe shopping centre in Berlin: It covered the furniture in the shopping centre’s fashion zone with VeroMetal® Brass and patinated them in black. An additional and special grinding gives them an industrial and classy look. For the conduction of the KaDeWe project, the coating company selected aluminium frames and tubes as base materials. Due to the object’s mere size, galvanisation would have been too expensive and complicated.

VeroMetal® is an innovative metallic coating that is used for interior design and exterior applications among others in architectural projects. The wide product range of metal alloys allows for unlimited creativity on almost every application area. VeroMetal® consists of up to 95 percent real metal powder, which becomes a cold and fluid composite metal once mixed with a binder and a reactant. This fluid composite metal can be casted, filled or applied with a roller or a spray gun on almost every surface, such as fiberglass, plastic, plaster, timber, metals, glass, coat, ceramics, foam material, concrete and terra cotta. Since it is real metal, the surfaces created with VeroMetal® hold most of the characteristics of a cast metal such as its feel and high quality look.

Production by VeroMetal®

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