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August 4th, 2014 by retail design blog

Tokyo Art Room (TAR) is the group of people who are passionate about increasing the number of Japanese makers (artists / designers / musicians / craftmans etc,.) who can earn foreign currency. The member of TAR is spending all free time for this as they believe Japanese market will decline in the near future due to increasing global competitions with a third country and decreasing population of the working age group in Japan.

They believe they have to do something to save Japan. They are trying to achieve their vision by (1) creating and managing unique Airbnb listings that contains a small art gallery that showcase local makers’ works, (2) organizing Casual Meetup for the Airbnb guest and the makers.

They believe giving the makers opportunities to meet and talk with creative people (Airbnb guests) from overseas is priority to achieve their vision because it will significantly increase makers’ confidence for their work and English communication. With increased confidence and opportunities to talk to creative people from overseas, TAR believes the makers can be ready to think about challenging overseas market.

In other words, they don’t think anyone can challenge the overseas market without having the opportunity to talk with creative people from overseas and break the fear of failure due to their English communication. The leader of TAR – Ryoma Machida contacted me (Hiromi Maeo) and asked me to design the TAR’s logo. He said he can’t offer much compensation, but he makes sure he will work hard to achieve his vision through TAR. I was really inspired by Ryoma’s passion and the TAR’s concept so I decided to help them out for free. Here is what I deliver.

Designed by enhanced

Name of Project member:
Entrepreneur / Marketer: Ryoma Machida (Zen Startup)
Interior design / Photograph: Shinsuke Yokoyama (Kato architect office)
Iron craftsman / Furniture design and interior construction: Koudai Kawai (feel.)
Lawyer: Hibino Masaru (Comprehensive central law firm)
Logo system construction / Adviser: Hiromi Maeo (enhanced Inc.)

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