Dedalo table by Chiara Pellicano for Formabilio

August 6th, 2014 by retail design blog

Dedalo is a table that combines innovative design, elegance and functionality. The intersection of the trapezoidal shapes, that sustains the table top, the contrast between finishings and volumes, the essentiality of the lines, give dynamicity and create geometric tricks between solidity of the top and the leg motion that attracts the attention.

Its design enhance the environment where it is placed and at the same time is a functional piece of furniture. Thanks to the particular legs that give a lighter appearance and do not impede the chair placement, Dedalo able to accommodate generously up to 8 persons for lunches or dinners dedicated to comfort and hospitality.

Designed by Chiara Pellicano for Formabilio

Chiara Pellicano was born in Perugia, in 1989. Curiosity has always been the driving force of her life. She loves to interact with people. Her uncontrolled itch to take up every challenge has allowed her to never stop in front of an obstacle but to learn to see it as a new opportunity. This continuous experimentation has pushed Chiara to approach the world of Design. She has studied in Rome at the Quasar Design University. Nowadays she collaborates with – Gradosei -, a Design Studio founded together with other 5 designers. – Gradosei – was born with the will to embrace a 360° Design where curiosity and perceptiveness develops ideas attentive to the bond between beauty and functionality, shape and content. She says about Formabilio: “Formabilio is an entity attentive to experimentation, that encourages new ideas, feeds sharing and exchange of views between professionals”.

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