Philips – BrandCube – Mobile Brand presentation by sbp, Germany

August 7th, 2014 by retail design blog

A modular branded module has been designed as part of a road show. It is used on a variety of shows and events, both indoor and outdoor. For this purpose, both the external graphic appearance as well as the substantive statement in the communication area can be adapted to the particular event.

As part of the brand relaunch of Philips, under the new headline “innovation & you”, this mobile room installation is used to inform the consumer about Philips and its brand promise as well to generate a fascination. From the vast variety of products from Philips, a new serial light product has been selected to reach a very high degree of emotion and interaction. The entire module, in form of a cube with its 36 square meters floor area, is a meandering shaped passage that has a welcoming entrance gate, movie room, fascinating light mirror tunnel, as well as a bright and friendly communication area including an entertaining photo booth.

The visitors will be informed and guided along the circuit by image films and trained personnel. The heart of the brand module is a centrally placed, six-meter-long light tunnel, in which 380 HUE lamps were installed by Philips. Through selective placement of mirrors and the consideration of space limitations, the HUE lamps are multiplied to infinity. The wireless controlled HUE’s are based on LED technology and are individually adjustable via an app.

This allows a direct interaction with the visitor who can change the atmosphere in the light tunnel by using a touchpad. The result is a unique experience from the quantity of lamps as well as the use of various light and color change options. The agency SBP, (Seel Bobsin Partner) has designed the complete interior concept and collaborated together with the two agencies of Hamburg Act Agency and Louis Kommunikation to the recognition of Philips.

Copyright: All rights reserved. sbp owns the rights of all pictures.
Photogrpahy by Karsten Knocke, Osterstrasse 49 Hof, 30159 Hannover

About sbp
sbp (Seel Bobsin Partner) (founded 1998) is a specialist in interior architectural designing and implementing brand and corporate interiors in the office, retail, trade show and exhibition. To give brands its own spatial identity and readability is the primary goal of sbp. The realized concepts enhance the identification, orientation, recognition and differentiation in the market and are an important component of an optimal corporate communications.

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