LovEat coffee shop by Ronen Levin & Studio beam, Tel Aviv – Israel

August 9th, 2014 by retail design blog

This project comprised a dialogue with architect Ronen Levin that lead us to a ping-pong process in several stages with an emphasis on metal lighting fixtures in bold colors and a meticulous finish. Our challenge was to create a composition of metallic light fixtures in lively colors and different sizes, while maintaining a delicate airy look to them, and avoiding the heavy sense of gravity that usually characterizes large metal bodies.

Our solution was creating subtle separations in the outer cylinder shell enabling light to hatch it, which adds to the metal body an additional design detail emphasizing its airy appearance. The meticulous finish was achieved crafted and silver soldered by hand. The lighting composition integrates the colorful joy that characterizes the “LovEat” coffee shops chain.

Architect: Ronen Levin
Lighting fixtures: Studio beam

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