Yelo Kaki-Gori shop by BaNANA OFFICE, Tokyo – Japan

August 10th, 2014 by retail design blog

Yelo is a Japanese shaved ice (Kaki-Gori) shop at Roppongi. The client had a strong passion for creating new and quality shaved ice, and wished to apply that mind also in interior design, using emotional red color and comfortable wood material. As a main component of the shop design, how to use this vivid color was the key.

In view of the location of the shop, I applied it on lighting, so that the red-luminescent shop stood out conspicuously in crowd of Roppongi night. The inside is also composed by the same theme, comfortable wood material is colored by vivid red lighting, and it gives very unique look and feeling.

Designed by Daiki Ozaki / BaNANA OFFICE
Photography by Nacasa & Partners

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