Christian Louboutin windows at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York City

August 16th, 2014 by retail design blog

After twenty-three years of red-sole splendor, the Louboutin brand pushes prestige to a new level. On July 25th, Christian Louboutin unveiled Rouge Louboutin–the first of 30 shades of nail polish–at Saks Fifth Avenue and all 15 Louboutin Boutiques. To promote Louboutin Beauté, the windows at the Saks Fifth Ave. flagship feature Loubiville, an albino metropolis inspired by the shapes and angles of the Louboutin nail polish bottle. Keep reading for the details…

Nail polish was the initial inspiration for Louboutin’s red soles and also the foundation of his earliest memories of beauty. Louboutin’s belief in constructed beauty–amplifying the natural over correcting imperfections–is the basis of his new brand extension. At $50 a bottle, Louboutin priced the polish to be collected and worshipped. Unlike most department store brands, Louboutin lacquer is long lasting, boasting the equivalent of 20 coats of average lacquer in just 2 coats. Louboutin’s crystal faceted, handmade glass bottles take 22 weeks to make, fill and finish.

On August 31, all 30 shades of Louboutin polish–each named after an existing style–will be available in the shoe departments of Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and also select Sephora retailers. Louboutin Rouge will be widely released August 6th, ahead of the full launch to ensure the signature color receives full attention; in fact, it embodies a few distinguishing factors.

The characteristically long wand–resembling the spike of his towering heels and a calligraphy brush–will be slightly longer on Louboutin Rouge, matching the 8-inch heel height of Louboutin’s Ballerina Ultima shoe. The Louboutin bottle will have a black ombre accent, unlike its counterparts, which will be sold in clear faceted bottles. For those in NYC, Louboutin Rouge is already available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

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