Can Casi Bed and Breakfast by Coblonal Arquitectura, Regencós – Spain

August 20th, 2014 by retail design blog

In few occasions, we can invite you to enjoy the spaces we design. It is an exception.Can Casi is a special Bed and Breakfast, placed in Regencós (Baix Empordà) where you will be welcomed with open arms. It is based in a 1704 house with 4 special suites: Love, Enjoy, Keep Calm and Smile. Each one is set in a particular way. Colours and elements are adapted to the particular architecture of the house. Each suite has a double bed and a bathroom; both spaces are characterized by details, enhancing the experience to be housed there.

Can Casi is the palace of the little luxuries. Waking up with the morning light passing through the window, discovering from the bed details you had not seen the night before. You can also have a good shower and go stairs down to have a breakfast barefooted on the grass. To stay in Can Casi means enjoying the moment, the little luxuries, the details and feeling special.

Joan Llongueras and Coblonal Arquitectura have been committed the rehabilitation and interior design project, construction and decoration. Even the smallest details, every step have been taken care of. Artisan work side by side with its managers to recreate a space that goes further than its elements, that offers experiences. You are welcomed.

Designed by Coblonal Arquitectura
Photo by Sara Riera

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