Volkswagen Center by hell und freundlich, Dortmund – Germany

August 20th, 2014 by retail design blog

The Volkswagen Center in Dortmund is part of the Huelpert-Group and is a building complex which was extended bit by bit over the last few decades. The whole complex is around 7.000 sq. meters and is situated directly to the intensely used national road B1. Our mission was to modernise the sales- and service-area with support, and while implementing the latest Volkswagen corporate design.

We focussed on the customer navigation and orientation. With the creation of a new entrance, which is well visible from the property entrance and the parking places, we communicate a true new “Welcome” with clear guidance. The new interior complete the whole new look appreciated by both customers and employees as being very “hell und freundlich”.

Designed by hell und freundlich

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