Jack & Jones store by Riis Retail, Bremen – Germany

August 31st, 2014 by retail design blog

The store in Bremen is the biggest Jack & Jones in Europe, covering 600m2. The shop is located with its main entrance on the central shopping street Sögestrasse in Bremen. A second entrance is placed towards Carl-Ronning Strasse.

The 600 m2 are designed and built by Riis Retail providing various shopping environments. Two floors create space and areas for each of the five brands within Jack & Jones to express their individual DNA.

The old post-war building underwent a full renovation of the 2 floors within a 3 month period. From the main entrance you enter an impressive double high space with a timber construction that indicates the former first and second floor. What is left of the existing first floor is now covered by a delicate glass facade to give customers a peak of the Vintage area upstairs.

An impressive staircase, specially designed to draw the customers interest to the floor upstairs, works as centerpiece in the middle section. It can be used as display for mannequins, sales and decoration as well as hosting events in combination with the large screen display on the back wall. The stair is leading up in two directions for Vintage and Premium areas, which are connected with a bridge-like construction presenting one of the two shoe areas in the shop.

On the opposite side of the staircase an extraordinary big jeans wall is placed as one of the shop’s main features. By displaying jeans in showcases (glass cabinets) up to 4 levels high the jeans wall is taking full advantage of the double high gap – here it’s all about jeans!

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