Our Family Dental Clinic by Friend’s Design, Hwaseong-si – Korea

August 31st, 2014 by retail design blog

Recent days, many hospitals are clean but do not have any characteristic, and a space giving cold feeling where humanism is not sensed. Also for the dentist curing nerve, regardless of child and adult, it is a place of giving fear regarding pain, this atmosphere often make dentist even more uncomfortable. In order to improve this problem, harmonized urbaneness and naturalism to directed comfortable and warm atmosphere. minimized the use of tile and coldness marble, mainly used wood and brick to give warmth and cleanness, and tried to give vintage sensibility of comfort and refinement of brick.

Vintage brick occupied one side wall of waiting space drew Typography to socialize with the sensibility to bring out the effect. Eliminate evenness Sofa arrangement, arranged various chair and table to make café atmosphere, and also choose ivory rather than bright white light to give comfortable sensibility. The hospital was shape of rectangle, which could make the space rather small, made hall way between waiting space and treatment space. It can make spaces facing each other look relatively wide, and also take a part of blocking attention and noise.

Minimize the use of brick, bright atmosphere treatment space used wood and white color is made up of sink produced with wood, white color light, curved pipe and installed Practical Island sink, got and pattern glass partition and painting of chief design factors are giving enjoyment and disperse the attention to minimize anxiety.

Dental clinic director’s family photo hanging on the wall of treatment space makes the atmosphere soft, and shows director’s aspiration of treating patient as they are director’s family. Operating room is also placed near the treatment space, rather than blocking with wall, attached unclear seat on the glass where operation is not shown to protect privacy, but to verify the location of doctor to decrease the complaint for the patients while waiting. Provide environment for treating patient not to feel anxious and to have comfort, and wanted to create the new kind of hospital of modern sensibility design.

Design: Yang jin-young, Kwon Il-kwon / Friend’s Design
Design team: Choi Ju-young, Jeong Se-young, Park So-hee, Shin Hye-jeong

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