BBong DDerak Pizza by Friend’s Design, Seoul – South Korea

September 1st, 2014 by retail design blog

BBong DDerak Pizza is a natural friendly representative wellbeing pizza brand with slogan of “topping health to the nature”. It is a franchise of “people making wellbeing Inc”; this Hakdong road store is opened with more upgraded to coincide with modern design trend. Hakdong road store is located in the city center, it is standardize with surrounding, and to make a combined space of dry environment and BBong DDerak pizza’s natural wellbeing image.

Not like existing pizza deliveries or café style stores, it brings out the positive sides of office works at lunch time to visit, pizza buffet bar was created. In order to make it visible when enter, it directed oversize graphic on the top of buffet bar. Place indirect light at classic typographic art, give interest by a design where there is a shadow at the back. Throughout combination and harmony of ingredients, inside is plan to give sensation of natural mingle.

To fit into the concept of natural brand, used white tile, direct fresh and clean atmosphere, intended to bring out the naturalistic harmonized with wood and green color. On the one wall, used tile from floor to the roof to direct clean image, also gave fresh image by emphasizing green color brand name on the white tile wall.

By using thin pipe and glass partly for the house shape partition, designed to separate the space as well as an open space, exposed roof and exposed mass concrete floor also gives openness and double the vintage atmosphere. Entrance wall used timber to give pattern, and accord rhythms by directing green color seal repeatedly. BBong DDerak pizza’s fresh color and wide open store is giving life to city space, and white façade and lights draws out attention for the visitors to naturally flow in.

Design: Yang jin-young, Kwon Il-kwon / Friend’s Design
Design team: Choi Ju-young, Jeong Se-young, Park So-hee, Shin Hye-jeong
Constructor: Yang jin-young, Kwon Il-kwon / Friend’s Design

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