Stellate Shinjuku hotel by Design office Dress, Tokyo – Japan

September 2nd, 2014 by retail design blog

The goal of this project was re-branding of the Hotel, where is located at the most competitive area, Shinjuku Tokyo Japan. We planned and re-designed almost all the elements which visitors would see and touch, such as Logo,Interiors & Exteriors,Visual tools like brochure & cards, and also package of the amenities.

The new Facade became the landmark of the area, and Each 20 rooms are carefully designed with different design elements (none of the rooms are the same). That makes hotel look unique. On the other hand, the Use of B&W original check pattern throughout the hotel as the mark of Stellate makes visitors feel the sense of unity. We believe this re-branding project make the hotel runs successfully in next 10-15years.

Interior design & branding by Design office Dress Inc
Images 1-4 & 9 – 10 by Nacasa & Partners

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