Pharmacy by Innovo Constructions, Kiato – Greece

September 3rd, 2014 by retail design blog

The inspiration for this innovative design of Mr.Tomaras pharmacy came from its cylindrical floor plan. The central spot catches the eye with the exhibition of the products and the impressive sculpture made of self-luminous elastic membrane which penetrates the floor and ends up to the roof. The customer is served in the originally designed reception. The drawers of TechnyFarma are used to store the products behind the reception bench. The drawers are made of aluminum, so they are light and durable. Innovo Constructions equipped the pharmacy with materials and technological systems of the finest quality. The glass stairs were designed and built especially for this pharmacy, while the stainless elevator, which is Innovo’s patent, can go up as fast as 1,20m per second.

Mr. Tomaras says: “I came up with Innovo Constructions while searching for a construction company which could understand my philosophy. I negotiated with some other companies, but after the first week of my contact with Innovo, my expectations about the design and cost were totally met. Innovo took care of everything including design, staff and wooden constructions. Innovo’s priority is the understanding of the customer’s needs. The company provides the customer with the construction plan from the beginning. Any issues that came off were solved by the company instantly.

I was witnessing the construction of my pharmacy without even involving. The company managed to make the plans a reality. Even after the construction was over, Innovo provided technical support for any kind of corrections that were needed. The service was instant, even though company’s home is Athens. I am totally satisfied with the company’s work. It’s very professional. Thanks for making my dream come true. I would also like to thank the Piraeus pharmaceutical federation for the support.”

Design by Innovo Constructions

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