Unique wooden table by Lubo Majer

September 3rd, 2014 by retail design blog

LEAF – natural harmony. A unique “wooden” piece, inspired by the natural form of a leaf. Two identical, elegantly curved shapes are joined to form a piece of furniture—a table without a single straight edge or flat surface. Sheer impractical madness, you might say—or is it? The flowing lines’ dynamically shifting curvature pleases the eye, making an incomparable impression. And believe it or not, a wine glass can stand upright on the gently sloped table.

The table’s appeal extends beyond its shape to its construction: despite its looks, it isn’t made of solid wood. The deliberate, ribbed construction of the frame is surrounded by flexible plywood and finished with natural veneer, reducing weight and conserving natural resources. The exterior can be varnished to a high-gloss or matte finish according to the client’s wishes.

Design by Lubo Majer

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