BP head office by Unispace, Auckland – New Zealand

September 6th, 2014 by retail design blog

BP is one of the world’s leading international oil and gas companies. They partnered with Unispace to design and deliver their new head office in Newmarket, to bring together the team and departments that were previously in both Wellington and Auckland. Due to leasing and property constraints, the project was delivered within a tight timeframe for design and construction.

Unispace held extensive strategic visioning sessions with the executive team at BP and produced a detailed workplace strategy that was aligned with the BP Global standards. Spread across two floors, the space is grounded in functionality and connectivity rather than hierarchies and traditional thinking. A key feature of the design is the stunning spiral staircase which was introduced to enable interaction between business units and create one collaborative team.

Client Comment: “On behalf of BP, I would like to thank the Unispace project team for delivering our new corporate head office in Newmarket, that has far exceeded our expectations. Everyone in the entire team from the directors down to the extra hired labour, all remained totally committed, passionate and proud of their work.”


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