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September 15th, 2014 by retail design blog

Combining in an original ad fresh way tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and design, entrepreneurship and culture, Slow Wood turn to those who seek, for themselves or for their clients, furniture and unique projects, conceived and skilfully worked by selected in designers and Italian craftsmen, made by valuable and sustainable woods. Lovers of design, interior designers, architectural firms can find at Slow Wood both products designed by our network (which are made ​​by request of the customer) and the opportunity to commission tailor-made furniture and bespoke systems, thanks to the potential of a large and widespread network and the design and wood consultancy services that Slow Wood provides.

We are pleased to invite you discover Slow Wood products and services for interior design and contract at 100% Design in London, from 17th to 20th September 2014. 100% Design is the most prominent event of the London Design Festival and Slow Wood will exhibit at stand L234, where you will admire new products as well as some of its best sellers. Hafif is a table made of oak wood. It is available in three sizes but, on demand, it can be realized in a range of dimensions. The foldable legs are secured under the table top through magnets, making Hafif fast and easy to open. When not in use Hafif can be hidden in narrow spaces or hanged upon a wall for everyone to see.

Teca is a ceiling lamp made by blown glass, hand turned wood and metal. Each lampshade is made by turning using various woods, enclosed in a bubble of blow transparent glass that levels the appearance. Elegant and exclusive for the high quality of the components, each piece is a unique and unrepeatable object. D.R.D.P is a product of very unusual nature, free of compromises, in which the passion of the people who still love to be surrounded by these unique items is tangible and clearly vibrant. This sofa is the prototype of the products realized by the very best Italian craftsmanship, which requires excellent skills in woodworking to be made.

Leda is a poetic product that tells itself the joy and mystery of the new birth, it is the result of a great love between the divine and the earthly. Versatile and light, Leda is designed to embrace the baby just like the loving hug of a mother. The robust but lightweight metal base and the bi-elastic fabric become a comfortable elegant chair. Scroscia bookcase is inspired by one of the fundamental support structures in theatre set design. Easily assembled thanks to a smart joining system that doesn’t require screws, Scroscia is characterized by extraordinary stability and can be used then as a freestanding bookcase. It is accessorized with a set of lacquered drawers that recall the colours of stage lights.

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