Koltsovo Airport VIP Lounge by Nefaresearch, Yekaterinburg – Russia

September 16th, 2014 by retail design blog

Designers Create Labyrinth for travellers: Nefaresearch‘s design for the VIP lounge at Russia’s Koltsovo Airport attempts to ‘shake up monotonous interior space’. When asked to come up with a concept for the VIP lounge of Russia’s Koltsovo Airport, the team at Nefaresearch won over the client with their initial sketches. The scheme addresses the diversity among airport inhabitants at any given time on any given day. Many business travellers treat the interval before and between flights as valuable working time; to them, the airport becomes a second office.

The studio also addressed holiday-makers, who may choose to spend the preflight period relaxing, shopping or dining. ‘We set ourselves the task of shaking up the monotonous interior space to break up routine,’ says Boris Voskoboynikov, leading architect at Nefaresearch. This shake-and-break mentality resulted in what the studio describes as a ‘labyrinth’: a number of connected tunnels that ‘allow visitors to explore a variety of impressions within a relatively small space’. Referencing the nearby Ural Mountains, the structure features small stained-glass insertions, calling to mind the gemstones particular to the Russian peaks.

Design by Nefaresearch


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