Monkey stool and bookshelf by HENRIQUE STEYER

September 16th, 2014 by retail design blog

To celebrate a year from the release of his own brand, the Brazilian designer Henrique Steyer presents new versions of the most iconic pieces from his first collection. The monkey stool now comes in the mini version (length 64cm / 25″), ideal as a bedside table or a living room footrest. The Niño Bookshelf, in the boy and girl version, now comes in smaller proportions (height 90cm / 35“), fitted to be wall mounted. All the pieces have countless color options in high gloss, matte lacquer, and a vast selection of wood veneers. Outer and inner color combinations are also possible.

The original versions of these pieces were exhibited in the 2014 Milano Design week, and due to the strong patriotic appeal and playful appearance, they were showcased by the international media in more than 30 countries. For the setting of this set, photographed by Marcelo Donadussi, Steyer used an old orphanage in his home town of Porto Alegre, built in 1923, where different floor and wall textures mingle with sacred images, iron beds and large wooden doors. Henrique, besides being a designer, is also an architect and ad man. He lives in Porto Alegre, where he runs Albus Design, alongside designer Felipe Rijo.

Pphotography: Marcelo Donadussi
Design by Albus

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