Thomas Cook store at Lakeside Shopping Centre by Wanda Creative, UK

September 16th, 2014 by retail design blog

The ever changing face of travel retail is embodied in the evolving Thomas Cook concept which brings technology to the forefront of the holiday shopping experience. This store marked the ongoing evolution of the new Thomas Cook retailing concept. The focus has been on integration of the online aspects of the business with the traditional high street Travel Agent offer.

The shop is open and encourages immediate customer engagement at the store front with “Advice Bars” delivering the online/ in-store travel offers. This immediate engagement is supported by relaxed consultation lounges and VIP private booths located towards the rear of the store, where further consultation can be undertaken. The new concept allows the customer to continue with an ongoing web based transaction, commence with a new booking simply undertake initial research of the range of Thomas Cook offer available.

Designed by Wanda Creative
Photography by Robert Greshoff

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