Florense concept store by Albus, São Paulo – Brazil

September 18th, 2014 by retail design blog

Much more than exposing products, this project showcases a concept of quality, exclusivity, sophistication and dreaming. The idea is to take the customers in a voyage to the incredible lofts of New York, where Florense has planted its flag and shone as few other Brazilian brands ever accomplished. As we enter the store, a rich paneled white wall, adorned with metallic piping, create a contrast between the classic and the relaxed. An imposing antique mirror ensures that this isn’t a conventional store.

Next to the main door, a large classical column supports the store’s concrete beam. The white floor, along with office desks and chairs, in white as well, make the setting bright and light, highlighting the premium-finished, Florense-exclusive furniture. In the living room, a massive ZigZag bookshelf, also signed by Steyer, received a hanging glass pane, where an impressive artwork by Lucio Carvalho, ornamented by a classic wood framing, is set.

The Donna chair, an international design icon created by Gaetano Pesce and desired by architects and designers alike, is also present in this setting. The rugs were custom-made in organic shapes, colored in white, gray and beige. The surface design proposed by Henrique is reminiscent of the traditional herringbone floors used in palaces, mansions and New York lofts.

In the dining room, a large english-style table was paired with Florense linen-covered chairs. The ceiling lamp from Italian maker Foscarini represents a Chinese dragon and is a homage to New York’s Chinatown neighborhood. In the facade, big letters suspended from the ceiling allude to the company logo, and in this new yorker context, represent the famous Times Square, known around the world by its bright displays.

The great kitchen, in pearlescent gold paint, is decorated with a collection of golden flatware and trays. In the bedroom, the main feature are the closets, with mother-of-pearl doors and black leather matelassé doors. An antique french armchair, upholstered in a lavish aubusson fabric, makes a contrast with the Florense italian-style sofa, assembled in a deconstructed and irregular shape. The Tetris side table, a new product from the Florense AWA line, was gilded to compose the setting.

The surprises of the new Florense store don’t stop there. Even inside the closets the proposed concept amazes the visitors. But to see that, one must go there to check out first hand all the highlights of this concept store that promises to be a groundbreaking change in the São Paulo market.

Designed by Albus

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