Dow Europe “Pack Studios” by Totems, Horgen – Switzerland

September 24th, 2014 by retail design blog

Dow Europe GmbH (hereafter: Dow) has launched its brand new “Pack Studios” Collaboration-Room (hereafter: Pack Studios). Pack Studios is a unique space, which has been designed to inspire solution-thinking on packaging design, including functional attributes and sustainable properties. Dow values collaboration as an important enabler to identify easier solutions and innovative technology to meet world challenges. The Pack Studio enables Dow-employees to collaborate with partners in the value chain to find new packaging solutions in the most effective way.

Totems | Communication and Architecture was commissioned by Dow to design their Collaboration Room at the Horgen location in Switzerland. It brings key value chain members together and provides opportunities through new collaboration tools, which connect and help to find answers in an inspiring and efficient way.

The Pack Studios comprises of two elements: Seeing and Dialogue. The Seeing element is a space for self-presentation; with the use of numerous illuminated panels, small cubes and a interactive table in the center of the room, it is possible for Dow to present its solutions and interesting facts about the company. The second element, Dialogue, was built under the central theme of flexibility. The Pack Studios can be arranged in three different ways: one big conference table, a more intimate lounge set up with several small tables divided by partition panels, or a seminar arrangement for larger audiences. Multimedia devices, which can be used in many different ways, underline the flexibility of the room.

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