Bridget & Olivia showroom design by Nikoletta Fazakas, Budapest – Hungary

September 26th, 2014 by retail design blog

The brand Bridget & Olivia was founded in 2014, by Timea Staub and Dóra Kovács. Both designers attended the Krea Kortárs Művészeti College, where they both received their fashion diplomas. In their final year they worked together to create the diploma final collection, in which the Baseline name marked Timea and Dóra’s brand’s foundation. Bridget & Olivia is based in Budapest, where the clothing is made for all ages and can be bought at reasonable prices.

The clothing combines a sportswear style with simple designes, and one that has a complex structure and form. The designers place a lot of attention on the quality of the clothes, as well as how body friendly the material is. Bridget & Olivia would like to provide the customers with not only comfort, but also ensure that women can be comfortable with themselves in their clothes. Throughout the designing process, Timea and Dóra are mainly inspired by films and other mediums of art.

The clothes created in each collection are meant to say something to people about the world around them, therefore each collection expresses a journey. The journey can be one with a physical reality or one that connects to people emotionally and mentally, it can also relate back to certain periods of time.

Photography by Richard Kovacs
Designed by Nikoletta Fazakas

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