Bread & Butter Berlin 2014 Summer – RICH & ROYAL

September 29th, 2014 by retail design blog

History: The first fashion pieces designed by Rich & Royal were sold in 2006. However, the history of the company behind Rich & Royal is even longer. In 1986, Peter Stupp founded the Peter Stupp Design Mode GmbH in Stuttgart. His two sons took lead of the company in 2002. Four years later, after realizing the market demand for unique, rock-inspired clothing, they created the high fashion brand Rich & Royal. Currently, Rich & Royal products are available in more than 22 countries.

Philosophy: Rich & Royal – Fashion for Queens – is a brand for cosmopolitan women who live their lives with style and self-confidence and who want to express themselves through their everyday fashion. Rich & Royal is passionately dressing trendsetters with exclusive and high-quality fashion “Made in Europe.” We are proud to point out that 98% of our merchandise is produced in Italy and Portugal. The brand represents a demanding modern and glamorous style with a slightly rock-oriented touch, while at the same time remaining authentic and expressive!

Photographer: Zsolt Istvan Posta
Images courtesy of Retail Design Blog

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