SIGNAGE & WAYFINDING! DRV signage system by Gourdin & Müller

September 30th, 2014 by retail design blog

As the largest German pension insurance company, DRV supports employees from the beginning of their working lives until retirement. The architects HPP Hentrich-Petschnigg
 & Partner were assigned with the renovation of a multi-storey office building. A signage system was developed for the information and advice office on the 1st floor to guide the customers from the waiting area to the consultation area.

Around 500 customers are handled each day at the Berlin site. In order to improve guidance of the flows of visitors the 59 consultation areas were divided into two zones and renumbered. Guidance is located systematically on pillars, which structure the open-plan office spatially and visually as well as providing the necessary longer-distance effect.

The zoning of the areas is coded using different colours. These facilitate orientation and are already in use in the calling system of the waiting area. The colour differentiation is continued in the signage and continues through until confirmation of arrival. Here large, three-dimensional characters on the glass dividing walls of the consultation areas serve as destination identification.

The sober field of »pensions« was contrasted with a motivating design: bright, radiant colours, a friendly, relaxed font for infrastructure details, multi-generation images and quotes in the form of speech bubbles contribute to the vibrant atmosphere.

Designed by Gourdin & Müller

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