Endesa World Fab Condenser by Margen-Lab

October 1st, 2014 by retail design blog

Pavilion Combines Global Technology and Local Manufacturing. For the occasion of the 10th International Fab Lab Conference held in Barcelona in July, the experimental architectural firm Margen-Lab, along with Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and global partners from the Fab Lab Network, designed and built a small bioclimatic pavilion on the Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes. ‘The pavilion was designed globally and produced locally,’ says Margen-Lab’s co-founder Rodrigo Rubio Cuadrado. ‘The prototype was coded in 2 months, fabricated in 5 days and assembled in 4, with the help of volunteers from Fab Labs from all over the world.’ True to the team’s intentions, the wood for the pavilion’s frame was sourced from a CNC workshop 67 km away, and linen was sourced from mere 11 km. The 20 panels that comprise the pavilion were assembled at Fab Lab Barcelona.

The form of the pavilion was based on a regular icosahedron that the designers have warped in order to minimise incident solar radiation in the summer and allow for greater sun penetration in the winter. Furthermore, the structure’s linen skin, draped over wooden frames, features openings that channel the area’s prevailing winds to naturally ventilate the pavilion’s interior. The chipboard podium on which it stands serves as a reservoir for air that is channelled inside through a series of perforations in the floor.

Photos Adriá Goula.
Image courtesy of Margen-Lab
Design by Margen-Lab


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