Bicofino Oficina Criativa offices by Simone Malacarne, Flores da Cunha – Brazil

October 3rd, 2014 by retail design blog

Simone Malacarne has designed a new office space in Flores da Cunha for Brazilian advertising agency Bicofino Oficina Criativa. Bicofino Oficina Criativa‘s office design was conceived using the concept of open office with no walls to let the communication flow. It has a vintage approach and beautiful design, mixing environments from a contemporary bookshelf with a white high-gloss oldschool kitchen table.

The bookshelf called zig-zag from the furniture company ‘Florense’ brings the true spirit of a contemporary product with a cutting-edge technology. And how to put the name of the agency inside the room? Easy! Just using a sticker with the logo, spray ink, wait the next morning and remove the sticker…voilà! the Brazilian Architect Simone Malacarne was able to put a great project in a 100 square meters room and it looked a wonderful office to work!

Design: Simone Malacarne
Photography: Julio Soares

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