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October 3rd, 2014 by retail design blog

For Jean-Luc le Deun, photographer and founder of Le Deun Luminaires, the forces of light and dark have always been a matter of art– the medium has simply changed. Where light was once an integral ingredient in the outcome, it now takes center stage as final product. The company was founded in 1997 by Le Deun with a “will for purity” — the desire to create effective lighting solutions that did more than sit pretty.

Each Le Deun fixture is eye-catching in its geometric form. But, more than that, each uses only LEDs and is dimmable. It’s a well-designed, low-energy lighting option that you can feel proud displaying for more than one reason. Le Deun works with international architects, designers, and brands on a multitude of projects ranging from designing individual custom pieces to outfitting entire luxury hotels. Every design is drafted and manufactured from the company’s main office located in Paris. Read on to see how Le Deun can enhance your current or future project.

From illuminating the living room side table to setting the scene over the dining table, the Circle hanging lamp cast the perfect halo of light in any interior. Circle is available in three sizes and finishes, so you can add a feminine, traditional touch in bronze, or an ultra-modern vibe in stark white. The Super 8 hanging lamp joins eight individual halos to create a three-foot fixture. Understated yet bold at the same time, Super 8 is able to fill any space with a welcoming light.

The Ultra 8 hanging lamp is Le Deun’s largest offering. Comprised of seven halos in varying sizes, the entire fixture spans six feet, yet still weighs a mere 12 pounds. Thanks to more than 300 LEDs, Ultra 8 fills even the largest space with an illustrious glow. Despite its name, the Micro table lamp is anything but. Its 48 LEDs emit a brilliant, warm light that is perfect for both indirect or direct light. The Micro Prestiege table lamp takes the same premise and injects a hint of lavishness– choose between a brass structure plated in nickel or 24K gold.

The Hydrolux outdoor collection, which consists of a floor, table, and wall lamp, creates the perfect ambiance for dinner parties under the stars. The fixtures are finished in expoxy-painted aluminum and epoxy-painted steel bases, and the electronic transformers are encased in waterproof shells, so you can enjoy the light no matter the weather. Bold and geometric, the Hexa 3 hanging lamp creates visual appeal in an unexpected way. Its simple shape is a sleek, welcomed addition to any style space.

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