SIGNAGE & WAYFINDING! Bendigo Library signage system by Hofstede Design

October 3rd, 2014 by retail design blog

In late 2012 we were invited by MGS Architects to work on a signage system for a major redevelopment of the Bendigo Library. At a cost of over $9 million, the project was a substantial undertaking for its key stakeholders the City of Greater Bendigo, Goldfields Library Corporation and Victorian State Government. Navigating a successful course through the myriad of interested parties would prove to be a key component of our brief.

Drawing inspiration from MGS’s angular forms, and the library’s distinctive flat plan, we created a line pattern based on a 45 degree slant. This element was then played out across a multitude of sign types encompassing wayfinding and statutory signs. All the materials and colours specified were chosen to mirror the building’s internal and external architecture, an important aspect of such collaborative work.

Signage system by Hofstede Design

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