BAXPAX DOWNTOWN hostel by Julia Kosina, Berlin – Germany

October 6th, 2014 by retail design blog

Baxpax Downtown is located in Berlin – Mitte, the most central borough of the city. An existing hostel was redesigned to bring out the Berlin atmosphere. “A City within a City” was used as the main design concept, which divides different parts of the building in subareas of a town. The reception area was designed inspired by the idea of a market place forming the central core.

The reception desk becomes a market stall that includes seating and displays to invite guests to linger and browse. To enhance the notion of a market feeling typical materials such as tiles, wood, pallets, wine boxes and greens have been used and sack trucks replace conventional luggage carts. Some of the cabinet doors are used as chalkboards for offers and price lists. The walls have been covered with concrete, which was partially colored and layered. The apartments were redesigned all with different themes related to city live.

The overall design combines modernity with vintage charm and forms a kind of abstract fantasy world as a basis for contrasting elements of purposeful alienation. With subtle playfulness indirect remunerations to Berlin are produced.

 Thomas Fichte
Designy by Julia Kosina

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