Mozilla headquarters by MKThink, Mountain View – California

October 6th, 2014 by retail design blog

MKThink has designed a 54,000 square foot office that serves as Mozilla’s new headquarters in Mountain View, California. “Coded” with the same passion, open-source, and collaboration methodologies that Mozilla uses to create its software products, the new space embodies the company’s culture of openness and transparency. Recognizing the important contributions of Mozilla’s extensive volunteer community while simultaneously enhancing the capabilities of full-time staff to collaborate effectively became the driving force in planning the new space.

Reworking an existing concrete shell originally built in 1982, the MKThink team engaged more than 200 Mozillians before beginning the design process t decide how to best create a space that everyone would be excited about and could work efficiently within. Online surveys, group and individual interviews conducted in person, all hands presentations to the entire staff, and follow-up email exchanges yielded useful insight that was woven directly into the design.

The two story glass wall at the entrance reflects Mozilla’s cultural philosophy of openness and transparency. The common space is central to the Mozilla community- it provides a space for all-hands meetings, for volunteer engineers to work and interact with full-time Mozillians, and the video wall at left allows offices from around the globe (including Vancouver and London) to log in and connect with the Mozilla HQ. The open stair links the two floor plates for increased face-to-face interaction. The entry space offers a glimpse into the office beyond, with easy access to bike storage and different levels of security access for employees and volunteers.

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