Jigsaw Argyll Street store by Dalziel and Pow, London – UK

October 7th, 2014 by retail design blog

Jigsaw’s newly refurbished Argyll Street store carries the flair and expressiveness of the Duke Street Emporium into the main chain for the first time. Unique seasonal prints and found furniture fill the light, contemporary architectural shell for an eclectic aesthetic brimming with brand personality. The existing shop-front window frame and canopy have been replaced with a crisp, white glazing frame, offering a clean and defined vista into the store, which is complemented by an illuminated Jigsaw sign.

Inside, fixtures from the Duke Street Emporium have been adapted for the new store, introducing lighter colours and a softer material palette to enhance Jigsaw’s women’s offer. The use of found and bespoke furniture helps differentiate departments, lending each a unique character that complements their individual offers. A new linear ceiling raft houses our refined lighting solution while forming a distinctive architectural feature. To entice customers up to the first floor offers, the stairwell has also received a full lighting and colour treatment.

Designed by Dalziel and Pow

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