Mitsubishi exhibit at IMTS 2014 by Catalyst, Chicago – Illinois

October 7th, 2014 by retail design blog

For the 2014 IMTS show at McCormick Place in Chicago, Mitsubishi Materials chose to partner with Catalyst Exhibits for its massive 40’x100’ space. It featured a massive hanging canopy designed to mimic the helical carvings of Mitsubishi drills.

Show attendees enter the space and are greeted with this Kinect-powered interactive history wall. A gold carpet inlay guides attendees through the 5 product kiosks and into the hospitality area. At the end of the path is a hospitality area featuring two conference rooms, an 18 foot long bar, the Mitsubishi-sponsored stock car, and a theatre where attendees could watch presentations streamed live from Mitsubishi headquarters.

The 18 foot bar allows attendees to have a beer, relax in the exhibit, and engage with Mitsubishi booth staff. The Roush stock car was a topic of conversation throughout the show.

While the hospitality area allowed guests to linger within the booth, product kiosks welcome attendees to interact with Mitsubishi products. These varying levels of interaction, along with the aggressive, innovative design lead Mitsubishi Materials and Catalyst Exhibits to win IMTS’s best of show award.

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