PUMP concept store by SYAA, Bucharest – Romania

October 8th, 2014 by retail design blog

Pump Shop is a concept store for velo aficionados, a space with attitude that combines design and passion with a dash of Scandinavian eco responsibility. It’s an exclusivist shop that sells renowned international brands, whether vintage, design or performance. It is also a space where you can imagine and buy your own custom bike, made from the best quality parts. It’s a bike-couture shop.

The space is nothing more than a simple 25-square-meter room in a former industrial building. The design is based on the usage of a single material that builds a box for a design vehicle. The storage, the structure, the lighting, the audio and video systems, the internet and electrical infrastructure have been placed in the space between the two boxes: the old one (the existing building) and the new one (the wooden box).

The project was influenced on one hand by the owner’s personality, his contagious passion, and optimism which create a pleasant atmosphere. On the other hand, it was the brand selection, each product being a reference among bikers – products that must be exhibited and tried.

The custom bikes are made by passionate artisans in front of you among cigarette smoke, coffee mugs, sandwiches, swearing, tools and parts. So, when you see those bicycles and parts you realize that all you need is a container made from natural material, neutral, resistant, technical but alive. A box that functions impeccably and in which the bicycles are the stars.

Photography: Cosmin Dragomir
Design by SYAA

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