Bottle Humidifier Mini packaging by +11

October 9th, 2014 by retail design blog

Korean design studio 11+ has created a portable humidifier with a transparent bottle, minimal monochrome packaging and a red USB charging cable. The Bottle Humidifier Mini by 11+ weighs just 100 grams and is 15.5 centimetres tall. “I believe that people can carry the Bottle Humidifier Mini wherever they go,” said 11+ founder Keunha Kim. “They can carry it when traveling. They can also bring it from desk to bed side table.” The bottle holds 550 millilitres of water, enough to humidify a small room for eight hours.

The humidifier comes with a red USB cable that powers an ultrasonic nebuliser below the cap – a vibrating disk with up to 400 holes in its surface. When the disk vibrates it generates a water mist. The water passes through a central replaceable filtration stick attached beneath the nebuliser. Once transformed into vapour, it passes though a hole in the aluminium cap. The bottle is made from a type of plastic designed to mimic the transparency and feel of glass. It minimises the risk of breakage in transit, or when refilling water. “Due to safety issues, we decided to use plastic rather than glass; however, we did try our best to maintain the same transparency as glass has. That was most difficult part of production,” said Kim.

Understated cardboard packaging for the humidifier elements has embossed white lettering on a grey background. Bottle Humidifier Mini is the latest addition to a collection of easily transportable products by 11+. The range includes the compact Sound 1 Bluetooth Speaker, the World Clock that rolls to change timezones and an LED lamp that will be released later this month. “We designed and introduced our Bottle Humidifier Mini because we had a plan to build our product line-ups focusing products used on the desk or mobility,” said Kim. The company has pledged to donate a percentage of the profits raised from the sale of the Bottle Humidifier Mini to support children’s charity Unicef’s work on water sanitation.

Design by +11

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