Jaeger store by UXUS, London – UK

October 14th, 2014 by retail design blog

UXUS was commissioned by luxury fashion brand Jaeger to develop a new retail design concept at the Jaeger store on London’s Kings Road. Key to the development was the desire to elevate the store design to premium status, communicating 130 years of British heritage and a strong ‘Made in Britain’ character in terms of furniture, materials and construction.
George Gottl, UXUS CEO, says, “We wanted to design a contemporary and alluring store that would express the Jaeger brand values and appeal to their target customer groups. Our insight came directly from the core customer: she would always have a beautifully laid dining room table, in fact everything she owns is beautifully arranged.

We translated this into a shopping experience that encourages discovery while showcasing the premium quality of each product. ” The new retail platform expresses the Jaeger ethos of modernity, quality, and understated British confidence, communicating Jaeger’s heritage in new and exciting ways. Inspired by the extensive Jaeger archive the signature store experience invites customers to discover a series of inspirational moments of elegance. Flexible scenographic tables and wall presentations showcase the quality of each Jaeger piece with understated luxury.

Curated displays position products as the hero in a premium yet accessible mood. Immaculate attention to detail ensures a tactile, responsive environment, where natural materials invite the customer to linger in comfort. With supremely high quality finishes, the resulting design incorporates features such as oak flooring, woven and deep pile carpet to delineate specific destinations within the store; black walnut wall panels and table tops along with woven textiles for wall finishes, curtains and upholstery; and iron and light bronze metal accents.

The shape language is inspired by the Jaeger expression; clean lines and feminine forms. Design cues were taken from mid-century artists such as Barbara Hepworth and Piet Mondrian. Soft, warm, neutral and authentic materials inspired by Jaeger’s signature camel coat convey refinement and tactility. Elemental tables and expressive light canopies create a bold linear statement within the store. Celebrating the mid-century modern aesthetic of Jaegers heritage, the new women’s wear retail platform communicates a strong, feminine and essentially British confidence.

Photography: Mark Davison
Design by UXUS

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