Peserico flagship store by C&P Architetti, Rome – Italy

October 14th, 2014 by retail design blog

Contemporary premises for the new Rome Peserico boutique in Campo Marzio. Soft colours and composition simplicity characterize the space of the new Peserico flagship store. Asiago white marble, natural oak wood and waxed iron are the materials used for the refurbishment of the new premises, on the ground floor of a historical building in downtown Rome.

The marble slabs were used for the flooring and extend up the lateral walls with the same straight lay pattern, underlining the continuity of the material of the new intervention and also becoming the support onto which the furnishing elements and the articles of clothing lie.

Along the wall to the right, from the entrance side, an iron pipe runs the whole depth of the store reflecting the items of clothing that hang from the back wall; the two split-levels of the mirror walls, located at the back of the store, contain a service boxroom and the stairs to access the stockroom in the loft.

Along the opposite side, a raised marble base extends from the cash register to the window overlooking the street and it can be used as a surface to enhance garments and objects on display. One area of the floor, covered in natural wood planks, is encased in the marble and it defines the central part of the store space, besides acting as a contrast to the backlit source of light hanging from the central area of the ceiling.

The space features few functional elements: the natural wood cash register, the natural iron shelves that run along the left wall (for folded items of clothing), a leather pouf and a central counter, made of metal and transparent glass. The general atmosphere of the light is given by the backlit PVC lamp, whilst the hanging and folded garments are illuminated thanks to spotlights located in the perimeter groove cut into the ceiling.

A narrow mirror corridor extends from the cash register towards a snuggery at the back of the store, that hosts the dressing-room: a cosy recess, where customers can try on the garments. The walls of this small space are upholstered with fabric and glass: the turning central component made of fabric acts as a movable divider, while the plissé on the ceiling is made of perforated and backlit metal.

Architects: C&P Architetti _ Luca Cuzzolin + Elena Pedrina
Photo: Luca Casonato

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