Spaarne Hospital living room by All-In Living, Hoofddorp – Netherlands

October 15th, 2014 by retail design blog

All-In Living was approached by the Oncology Department of the Spaarne Hospital with the assignment to create a living room for this department. A living room where people should feel welcome at all times. All-In Living has given the living room that homely and personal touch which is so much appreciated by patients and guests.

The living room became instantly a meeting point in tense times, a room where you can withdraw yourself, but also a room where you can find the company or someone to talk to. Even the smallest visitors are not lost in this sight. To make the living room even more personal, All-In Living designed a graphic illustration from an inventory held among patients, that displays the desires of patients. The illustration in which all these wishes are processed hangs proudly on the kitchen wall.

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