Canali store, Madrid – Spain

October 17th, 2014 by retail design blog

Canali Opens in Madrid. On 2014. October 8th, Canali inaugurated a new boutique in Madrid, its seventh in Spain. The store, situated in the elegant Serrano neighborhood in Calle de Ayala, is characterized by refined, geometric forms that recall the rationalist architecture of the 1930s and constructivist art. High-end materials emanate warmth in this 190-square-meter space, curated down to the last detail to create the perfect context in which to present the Canali collections. The store, which features the brand’s new architectural concept introduced at the beginning of 2014, is divided into themed areas that highlight formalwear, casual pieces and accessories using different forms and materials.

Marble, glass and wood come together seamlessly throughout to create an explorative path that leads to the VIP room on the second floor where the Canali man can truly experience Italian savoir faire and service. For the past 30 years, Spain has represented a key market for the Italian brand, which last year, strengthened its presence by opening offices and a showroom in Barcelona in order to underline the country’s importance and offer even better service to its clients there.

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