Street furniture by Izabela Bołoz

October 17th, 2014 by retail design blog

The interlocking modules of this street furniture by Polish designer Izabela Bołoz form flexible seating for members of the public to sit, recline or climb on. Izabela Bołoz, who is currently based in Eindhoven, created the Intersections modules so the user can decide whether to meet and talk, sit and rest or climb and play. Ranging from 45 centimetres to 180 centimetres in height, each piece is made from a series of identical geometric wooden frames.

The frames are stacked horizontally and attached together, leaving a space between each one equal to its depth. This construction means that modules can be slotted together like comb teeth, with the individual frames of one module sliding into the spaces between frames in the next. The system’s flexible nature means that the modules can be arranged differently to suit the location, and the various module shapes mean it can be used for a number of purposes that Bołoz intends users to define for themselves.

Design by Izabela Boloz

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One thought on “Street furniture by Izabela Bołoz

  1. I really like street furniture, it has such a nice feel, it bring everyone together we may start hiring things along this line soon, thanks great post and photos.

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