Runway office by FME Architecture + Design, San Francisco – US

October 20th, 2014 by retail design blog

The challenge for this design was to create a space for Runway, an invitation-only startup incubator, which would stand out amongst the multitude of San Francisco tech companies. Located in the Twitter building, the 30,000SF space defines the cutting-edge incubator as a community and not just a work space. Individual users and startup companies can rent a desk at a time or 400SF bays of space across the office landscape.

High-density desking contrasts with a variety of open, communal areas to provide more space for collaboration, brainstorming, and events. After less than a year in operation, Runway already has an extensive list of startups waiting to join this community.

Photography: Eszter + David
Design by FME Architecture + Design

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One thought on “Runway office by FME Architecture + Design, San Francisco – US

  1. Gordy Ross says:

    Great space for the “next” companies and thinkers to interact…but where is the space for privacy needed to protect the intellectual property that inevitably spills out when conversations on the iPhone move from “textual” to “verbal”?

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