Goldson glasses by Arnaud Eubelen

October 21st, 2014 by retail design blog

The aim of this project was simple : create a sunglasses family using natural and simple materials as wood and brass and simplified to the maximum its fabrication and its assemblage in view to create a self production. These models are equiped with a new hinge system specialy developped for this project. It is made of a curved brass spindle whose shape allows both rotation and a stop. A small tube is crimping the spindle end in the frame. Also this system uses neither glue nor screws thereby reducing the number of operation usually encountered in the assembly of wooden glasses.

The association of the laser-cut wood frame and the brass branches are choosen for their equilibrium between minimum weight, good resistance, and flexibility giving comfort of this sunglasses. Further, the contrast between this two materials create a strong aesthetic and remarquable among all the existing sunglasses models. Several tools for making this limited series were also developped. The frames bending system , the branches bending system and the chamfering tool for the edges of the frame.

Design by Arnaud Eubelen

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    From where to buy this glasses from?

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