United Imaging Healthcare at Beijing International Medical Fair 2014 by VAVE, China

October 22nd, 2014 by retail design blog

The Chinese company United Imaging Healthcare is the leading company for design and manufacturing of DR, CT, MR, MI and RT systems – image based medical electronic products. Inspired by the product design and brand image of UIH, we designed – THE UIH CIRCLE – a giant architectural gesture that creates an immersive space for product exhibition and communication. Visitors are able to experience the booth on three different levels of communication – Brand Image, Technology and Products.

Visitors are welcomed with a Brand Movie on an eye catching curved LED screen, continuing with interactive Exhibits explaining complex technology along the UIH CIRCLE and displaying the products for touch & trial at the inner space. A rooftop Café Garden offers an amazing overview of the world of UIH. To strengthen our holistic design approach we keep the entire appearance of light, colours, material and detailing as clean as possible regarding the simple and high-grade of all UIH products.

Client: Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Ltd.
Creative Agency: VAVE GmbH
Construction: Pico Asia Pacific
Planning: Exhibition and communication design
Size: 720 m2
Photography: VAVE GmbH

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