BainArt Luxe store by Studio dLux, São Paulo – Brazil

October 23rd, 2014 by retail design blog

BainArt Luxe is located in the largest decoration pole of Latin America: CasaShopping, in Rio de Janeiro. We were responsible for the architectural project, interior design and lightning project of the store. We also created the visual identity of the brand and designed some of the products for sale in store.

The store is specialized in high end, custom made furnishing for the bathroom. The concept behind BainArt Luxe is that their products bring innovation and modernity to the room. We knew that the project of the store had to incorporate the brand concept, so that the customers would know just by walking through the store, that they would find pieces of furniture with a unique design for their bathroom.

The space is divided in two ambiances. The front, on which you will find the showroom and attendants, and the back of the store, where there’s a meeting room and the office. The main objective of this project was to highlight the products and the material used in their conception. The store has two outstanding panels that are made with the same material. The first panel is located in the facade of the store, and it was created by combining three different colours, giving it a tridimensional look. The other panel is bigger than the first one, occupying the whole right wall of the store.

The Showroom was painted with neutral tones, has got burnt cement on wall and is entirely illuminated with LED bulbs so that the colours of the products stand out from the rest of the store. There are also, several decorative pendants throughout the store, in order to highlight new products and also the attendants’ tables.

Studio dLux took part in the conception of great part of the products in store. We were also responsible for the whole furnishing at the customer attendance section. Our goal here was to end with the idea that bathroom furniture and accessories should be made with neutral colours only. The mix of colours and the variety of products makes BainArt Luxe a new type of bathroom furnishing store – a fun, joyful and contemporary place, with high end custom made products.

Photography by MCA Estúdio

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