Bodytalks – 100 Jahre BH exhibition by VAVE, Frankfurt/Main – Germany

October 23rd, 2014 by retail design blog

The bra is celebrating its 100th anniversary. For this special occasion VAVE designed the exhibition ‘Body Talks – 100 Jahre BH’ for the Museum für Kommunikation which can be visited till February 2015. During the design process VAVE gave itself the challenge to give a reflection of 100 years bras in social, cultural and political terms. This emotional and intimate topic allows to prompt emotions to the visitors, to tease and appeal to their sense and heart. The exhibition is an overall journey through 100 years of eroticism, zeitgeist, emancipation and fashion.

Widely visible from the outside visitors can already see an installation with the huge anniversary number 100, which is made out of 100 individual bras. At the centre of the exhibition are hanging info panels at an oversized clothes rail, those panels lead the visitors through eight areas of social changes. From the early suffragettes fighting the corset vs Hollywood’s busty stars to the topless protests in 1968. Many original exhibits of these areas present themselves in printed cupboards and show how our perception of attractiveness and beauty, of decency and even taboos has changed.

Photography/Image copyrights: Dirk Ostermeier and Sarah Keßler

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