Siemens stand at ASTRO 2014 by Catalyst, San Francisco – California

October 23rd, 2014 by retail design blog

Siemens partnered with Catalyst for 2014’s ASTRO, held in San Francisco, California. Angled toward the main entrance, two juxtaposed forms create a focal point for three featured Siemens products. The dominant form, an open forced-perspective frame wraps around and creates a defined stage for the equipment, while the second intersecting form creates a presentation space using a seamless LED screen as a backdrop.

In the back of the exhibit was a more privately located, yet open, education zone. When presentations weren’t being held, this area allowed attendees to learn about the Siemens scanners at their own pace. The main presentation area showed three of Siemens’ scanners in front of a seamless LED screen. Centrally located was Siemens’ newest two-room gantry scanner.

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