Wolford pop-up store, Milan – Italy

October 23rd, 2014 by retail design blog

Due to the launch of the “Pure 50 thight” – worldwide the first glued tight ever – Wolford creates a Pop Up Store in the trainstation of Milan. 18m² of pure leg expertise. A shell made of glass and thin black steel holds the “universe of Wolford”, showing tradition and innovation. Contemporary images by Mario Testino are placed in the center of the Pop Up Store.

Mannequins form the corner pilars of the store. The color concept is pure black and white, which is founded in the wellknown logo of Wolford. Only the mannequins shine in a copper tone, which gives it a touch of luxury. The store popped up in the middle of the millions of busy travellers with a straight, elegant, sophisticated look, showing the unforgettable touch of the wolford product.

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  1. DigitHAL9000 says:

    A supercheap piece of nothing.
    Not even worth a 2 seconds watch.
    Is this really something to mention?
    I don’t think so.


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