Viet’s Choice restaurant at The Lane by Livinism, Hong Kong – China

October 24th, 2014 by retail design blog

‘The Lane’, located next to the Hang Hau MTR station links several large residential developments. Like a busy junction connecting different highly populated areas to the major transportation routes, many people pass by on their daily commute to work. Unlike a typical shopping mall, ‘The Lane’ is not a destination but a ‘connection’ with shops and restaurants to serve vast numbers of people passing through round the clock. Viet’s Choice is located in the centre of this busy junction.

Taking advantage of the generous ceiling height and the name of the shopping arcade “The Lane” we created a unique dining experience in “The Lane of Vietnam”. We guide customers along a winding, busy Vietnamese street. The street transports customers into the hub of Vietnamese street culture, brought to life and scale through a series of original murals.

Designed by Livinism

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2 thoughts on “Viet’s Choice restaurant at The Lane by Livinism, Hong Kong – China

  1. DigitHAL9000 says:

    It’s almost the same as the one at Hollywood Plaza published yesterday.
    Really, do we need to see it twice?
    I say no, we don’t.


  2. It’s beautiful! You really did amazing with the interior design and the series of original murals looks really good. Perfect experience dining in Vietnam.

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