Monocle store, Tokyo – Japan

October 27th, 2014 by retail design blog

Monocle’s ongoing infatuation with Japan has gained new momentum. The island nation is regularly featured in the magazine’s wide range of articles, including topics related to its renowned take on quality, style and presentation. Emulating similar standards, Monocle has successfully launched a string of shops across the globe where it presents carefully selected lifestyle goods, and it’s in Tokyo where the newest outlet has opened. Situated in Yoyogi-uehara, a leafy residential area west of popular Yoyogi park, it occupies a 24 sqm. [258 sq.ft.] ground floor unit of a low-rise structure which also houses the magazine’s relocated Tokyo office and that of sister design agency Winkreative.

Entirely designed by the collective’s creative team at the headquarters in London, the Monocle shop features a clean aesthetic that makes very advantageous use of its concrete shell. The retail space is furnished with funky yellow usm sales counter, sleek vitsoe shelving and vintage finds, while a slatted wooden partition allows peeks of the office space in the back section. The monocle shop stocks a coveted selection of fashion and design collaborations with the likes of comme des garçons, porter, barena, mackintosh and its very own menswear capsule, monocle voyage. Exclusive products for the Tokyo launch include a Brooklyn leather coaster, a limited edition tenegui, and the monocle guide to good business.

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